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Ashissh Kumaar, the visionary mind behind Helping Coaach, is a renowned Vastu consultant in India. With a deep-rooted understanding of Vedic principles, numerology and architectural science, he seamlessly integrates traditional wisdom with modern lifestyle needs.

He is well-known for his innovative approach and commitment to holistic solutions. The famous Vastu consultant at Helping Coaach specialises in no-demolition Vastu consultancy services. His expertise lies in transforming spaces to align with positive energies, thereby enhancing the lives of his clients. 


Ashissh Kumaar: The Pioneer of Helping Coaach

Mr. Ashissh Kumaar has been serving in the field of Vastu Shastra for the past several years. He is a certified Astro-Vastu consultant who recently achieved the Global Icon Award 2023 for his excellence in mending the lives of individuals.   

Whether you are facing challenges in your personal life or seeking to optimise your business environment, Ashissh Kumaar offers practical, result-oriented advice tailored to your particular needs. He brings a unique blend of traditional wisdom and contemporary solutions aimed at harmonising spaces to promote success, prosperity, and tranquillity in life. 

His approach is rooted in the ancient principles of Vastu Shastra and improves clients’ lives not only from his vast experience but also from his compassionate guidance, customised to meet the individual needs of each client. Along with Vastu, Mr. Ashissh is also an expert in numerology. People who want to learn the basics of numerology can be part of this course and accelerate their personal growth.

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Know More About Helping Coaach

Helping Coaach is a leading vastu consultation provider. Here, we believe in the power of balanced environments. Our approach is grounded in respect for the five core elements: Earth, Air, Space, Water, & Fire. By harmonising these elements, we create spaces that promote overall well-being and allow you to flourish in every aspect of life.

Ashissh Kumaar, as the sole Vastu expert, brings extensive knowledge and experience to every consultation. His personalised solutions address particular challenges related to health, relationships, finances, and more, guiding you towards achieving your desired results.

Lastly, we are committed to carefully listening to all your problems and offering precise and practical solutions parallel to your requirements.

Mission / Vision

Our vision is to empower lives through the transformative power of Vastu guidance. We believe that harmonising your living spaces with the principles of Vastu Shastra can bring profound positive changes to your life.

To provide quality vastu consultation services through a committed, knowledgeable and experienced Vastu, Ashissh Kumaar, to help clients make informed decisions about their lives. We strive to deliver accurate, reliable and timely consultations by leveraging the best tools and techniques available in the field.

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Our Industry

Vastu is an ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years. It has evolved and changed over time, yet it remains a popular subject today. The Vastu industry encompasses many different aspects, from forecasting the future to providing guidance and advice on personal matters. Those who are employed in this industry come from various backgrounds, including psychology, counselling, science, and other related fields. They use their knowledge to interpret the movements of celestial bodies and provide information to their clients.

Comprehensive Vastu Solutions for a Balanced Life

At Helping Coaach, you can explore a wide range of services that can offer
tailored solutions to your life problems. Check the following services:

Vastu for Bedroom

Making your home in the southwest corner can fascinate good health and prosperity for the homeowner and enhance longevity. A house without a Vastu map often results in the breakage of relationships and quarrels. 

Residential Vastu Consultation

keep your home free from all kinds of negative energies. If you are lacking abundance and peace at your place, look for Residential Vastu services. By using simple and effective remedies of Vastu shastra. you can able to attract property and happiness to your home. With simple modifications to your home and furniture, you can experience a huge difference. 

Commercial Vastu Consultation

If you are suffering with your career growth, Commercial Vastu services can guide you in the right direction. Vastu remedies will fill your office space with positivity and abundance which attract business growth, and productivity, and establish a fresh work environment.

Career Guidance

Many people do not achieve their career goals even after taking all the possible steps. When you feel your career growth stocks, Vastu Shastra will help you to get out of this situation. Consult with a professional Vastu consultant in Chandigarh and see numerous positive changes in your routine within a few days. 

Vastu for Toilets

Designing toilets in the wrong direction can seriously affect your personal and financial well-being. It might also lead to problems in the family or relationships. We are here to help you create a more balanced and fulfilling life by ensuring proper toilet placement.

Embrace the Transformative Power of Vastu

Experience the profound benefits of aligning your
living space with Vastu principles:

Enhanced Health and Well-being

By opting for simple remedies of Vastu shastra, you can enhance your overall well-being. It helps to reduce stress and improve sleep, and concentration on your life goals.

Career Growth and Prosperity

Vastu Shastra is no less than a boon for career growth and attracting promotion opportunities. Its simple remedies boost your self-confidence and increase your chances of success in your job or career. To boost productivity and achieve financial success, follow vastu tips.

Enhance Business development

Vastu Shastra helps to enhance the chances of your business expansions and great work opportunities. You just need to alter the layout of the home according to the Vastu principles. It will fascinate the chances of promotions in no time. 

Harmonious Relationships

The ancient knowledge of Vastu Shastra improves the inner contentment and tranquillity that all living things yearn for. It helps to foster stronger bonds with loved ones, cultivate a peaceful environment, and nurture deeper connections. Vastu promotes better interpersonal and intrapersonal behaviour and satisfies relationships among individuals.

Protection from Negative Influences

Vastu Shastra is the most powerful remedy to beat negative energies from you and your living space. This may involve the use of specific materials, colours, and shapes in the construction and design of the building.


Our Courses

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Google Reviews

Saab PuriSaab Puri
01:13 31 Jan 24
Tried to find Vaastu Consultants in Punjab as wanted to get my New Car showroom Vaastu done in Punjab Thanks toMr Ashish Kumaar best Vaastu Consultants in Punjab he is very professional and Educated well spoken Gentleman
17:22 21 Oct 23
Best vastu consultant in tricity.
sanjeev gargsanjeev garg
00:44 30 Jul 23
16:11 29 Jul 23
Ashish ji I met you for my new house vastu consultancy at your officeI want to thanks you I am very much satisfied with your suggestions and very much benefitedThanks
Megha DadooMegha Dadoo
16:59 24 Feb 23
Vaastu expert Mr Ashish Kumar is master in his field . He does Astro Vaastu which is combination of Vaastu plus ur own stars, which is the right way to get accurate results.We have achieved many of our goals & solved many of our problems under his guidance.I highly recommend him.
dipin chauhandipin chauhan
05:32 24 Feb 23
Pandit ji is very kind and polite....his given remedies always work.....and alway suggest very simple remedies which is easy to do...I have full faith on him and always ready to help....I suggest to others do visit once or consult for your problem...I assure you will get 100% result...might be some time not immediately but yes definitely....Thank you Pandit ji!
Sunil KumarSunil Kumar
12:33 23 Feb 23
Hi Ashish ji !It was a Excellent experience with youI never thought things take place in this ways too.You really shocked meThank you so much for your wonderful help.
Sunil KatalSunil Katal
17:14 22 Feb 23
Ashish is extra ordinary and very knowledgeable , he did vastu of our factory and house and by after that my personal life and financial life changed for good forever.Must recommended , Ashish is next big thing .

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