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Vastu Shastra for Bedroom

Do you want to create a cohesive and peaceful bedroom? Our bedroom vastu services helps you achieve it! Vaastu for the bedroom is an ancient Indian architecture that focuses on creating balanced and positive energy in your sleeping space.

Why is Vastu Shastra Important for Bedroom?

Bedroom Vastu is important because our bedroom is the space where we seek rest, rejuvenation, and relaxation. An organised and well-structured bedroom can positively affect our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. On the other hand, a poorly arranged one can lead to sleep disturbances, stress, and even health problems. Our specialised Vastu Shastra for bedrooms harnesses the power of architectural principles to create a comfortable & harmonious environment for peaceful and restful days.

Key Guidelines for Bedroom Vastu

Planning to renovate your home according to Vastu? You don’t need to make major changes, even little changes in placements and directions of things can bring fruitful results. Here are some of the changes:

Positioning of the Bed: Placing your bed in the right place is important for a good night’s sleep. We make sure your bedroom is south or west facing, creating a sense of security and comfort.

A clutter-free environment: A clutter-free bed is essential for a clear and calm mind. Our architectural experts will guide you through your packing to create a comfortable space that creates comfort.

Choosing soothing colours: The colours in your bedroom can greatly affect your mood. We suggest using calm and soothing colours such as pastels or earthy tones to enhance peace and balance.

Balancing Elements: In architecture, it is important to balance elements such as earth, water, fire, air, and space. We examine your bedroom design to ensure that these elements are perfectly blended, and to create a positive aura.

Optimising lighting: Adequate lighting is essential for a good night’s sleep. We recommend using soft, warm lighting and avoiding harsh, bright lights that can disrupt your sleep.

Mirrors Placement: Mirrors can affect the energy flow in your bedroom. Our experts suggest strategic mirror placement to promote positive energy and avoid any negative images.

Putting away electronics: Electronics in the bedroom can ruin your sleep. We guide you through the installation of the best electronics to minimise the impact on your relaxation.

Benefits of Bedroom Vastu Services

You can get a lot of benefits with our bedroom vastu services, including the following:

Enhance Sleep Quality: Create a relaxing environment that promotes deep, uninterrupted sleep, raising energy levels and clearing the mind.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety: A balanced, uncluttered bed can help reduce stress and promote calm and relaxation.

Improved Relational Harmony: Your well-managed bedroom can have a positive effect on personal relationships, enhancing understanding and communication.

Improved Energy and Productivity: A sound and soothing environment in your bedroom promotes better sleep and energy levels. Good sleep helps boost energy and productivity throughout the day.

Positive Glow: Bedrooms that match architecture give off positive energy, creating an uplifting environment that supports your overall well-being.

Effects of Bedroom

Most negative bedrooms positions are East south east, South South west and West north west bedroom.


East south east bedroom

It enhances anxiety, Depression, Diabetes and heart related issues.  This bedroom should be avoidable. If we sleep in this zone our body pick up the energy of this zone and that start creating issues in our daily life.


South South West

This is the one of the bad zone for bedroom. If we have bedroom in this zone it gives stomach related disease. It is worst for pregnant ladies there are higher chances of miscarriage. It enhances your extra expenses. You also start feeling depression after sleeping in this zone.

West North West

West North West

It is also one of the bad zone for bedroom. It enhances depression problems and also thyroid problems in the body. This is a zone of disposal. It should be avoidable.


North Bedroom

There is a myth of sleeping in north zone is not good. North bedroom is very good for the people who are looking for new opportunities students who have just completed there studies and applying for new jobs. You do not feel short of work if you sleep in this zone. We are always full of new clients and opportunities.


North North East

This bedroom is very good for people who needs good health. It enhances the immunity of a person and also it is good for people who are in service industry.


North East

This bedroom is good for people who are above 60 years of age. Who wants to do meditation. This is a zone of spirituality that pushes you towards god more. People who suffer from regular cough problems should avoid this bedroom as it is a water zone that may enhance.


East North East

This bedroom is good. It is zone of entertainment we always need something to entertain after sleeping in this room. We start thinking of having fun more in place of work.  People who are always in work and fed up in life because of work only should take this bedroom.



This bedroom is good. It enhances your relations in the market. This bedroom is very good for politicions. It also gives you support from government. It also improves relations with boses in jobs.


South East

This bedroom is also very good. We start thinking of liquid cash more after sleeping in this zone as it is a zone of liquid cash. If we start charging our mobile phone in this zone we start getting more cash related calls. our mobile phone picks up the energy of this zone.


South South East

This bedroom is also very good. It is excellent for people who feel low confidence. People who always think and do not have confidence to execute it should take this bedroom. It is also good for students who feel low confidence. It boost there confidence.


South Bedroom

This bedroom is excellent for people who needs growth in life. It is excellent for people who feels stuck in life because of growth in business or job.


South West

This bedroom is excellent for students and also for couples. This is a zone of skills. People who are into jobs or business that requires skills and knowledge should take this bedroom. We develop a habit of being accurate in everything after regular sleeping in this bedroom. Students who sleep here develop good skills that is required in todays world to grow.


West South West

This bedroom is very good for students as it is a zone of education. It also enhances savings in our bank accounts. After sleeping in this zone we start getting benefit of that.



It is the zone of gains. This bedroom is excellent. We start getting gains after sleeping here. This bedroom is excellent for people who are into industry of spectulative money like shares etc. You start getting new ideas here. We should always speak positive in this bedroom and avoid speaking negative here because whatever we will speak here will execute very fast.


North West

This is the zone of support. we get good support from friends and family after sleeping in this zone. The one draw back here is we develop a habit of doing things with support only rather then becoming independent.


North North West

This bedroom is excellent for people who are newly married and needs good matrimonial life. it improves the relationship between couples and ladies who are facing issues with conceiving a baby should take this bedroom.

Note – To get the best results of bedroom your bedroom colors should be balanced as per vastu and home should also be balanced. We should atleast avoid negative zones.

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