Toilet Vastu Services

Are you facing challenges in your personal and professional life? Do you feel like opportunities are slipping away? The placement of your toilets might be the culprit! At Helping Coaach, we offer expert Toilet Vastu services to help you create a positive energy flow in your home or workplace.

Helping Coaach – Vastu Consultation for Toilet

Helping Coaach’s expert Vastu consultation for toilet can transform your life by correcting the toilet positions in your home or workplace. Embrace positive energies and witness the following benefits:

Enhanced Career Growth: Open the doors to new opportunities, promotions in your job and bring a lot of success.

Improved Health and Well-being: Enjoy better immunity and well-being for you and your family.

Increased Confidence: You will regain confidence to excel in your studies, business, or profession.

Stability in Relationships: It can strengthen bonds with loved ones and experience harmonious relationships.

Financial Prosperity: Choosing the right direction for the toilet can boost cash flow and financial stability for a more prosperous life.

Benefits of Toilet Vastu Services:

  • Improved Hygiene and Cleanliness: A Vastu-compliant restroom promotes a sense of cleanliness and hygiene, leading to a healthier and more pleasant experience.
  • Enhanced Energy Flow: Aligning your toilet with Vastu principles ensures the smooth flow of positive energy throughout your home or workplace.
  • Prevention of Negative Energies: A Vastu-aligned restroom acts as a barrier to prevent negative energies from spreading and affecting the overall environment.
  • Positive Impact on Health: A clean and harmonious toilet can have a positive impact on the mental and physical well-being of individuals using the space.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expert Vastu Consultants: Our team comprises skilled Vastu experts who possess in-depth knowledge of Vastu Shastra and its practical application.
  • Personalized Solutions: We believe in providing tailor-made solutions that cater to the specific requirements of your restroom and individual preferences.
  • Proven Results: Our satisfied clients and successful Vastu transformations demonstrate the effectiveness of our services.
  • Respect for Privacy: We understand the sensitivity of personal spaces like restrooms and ensure the utmost privacy and professionalism during the consultation process.

Toilets Positions in Vastu

The best position for toilets as per vastu are East South East, South South West and West north West. Apart from this all the other zones have negative impacts in our life. Out of them some zones have worst impact in our life.


North Toilet

Toilet is an activity of disposal and north is the zone of new opportunities, new clients and new promotions in job. This toilet dispose off all these things from our life.


North North East

This is the zone of health. If we have toilet here it will make our immunity weak and gives serious diseases. It is also the zone of services so it spoils that as well.


North East

This is the worst place for toilet. It gives alot of anxiety, stress and death causing disease here like Cancer, Paralyssis, Brain related disease etc. Vastu devta has his head in north east direction so if we have toilet here that impact our head directlly.


East North East

This is the zone of entertainment for a family. If we have toilet here. It will dispose off all the entertainment and happiness from life.



This is the zone of relations, government, referral clients and our boses at work place. Toilet in east dispose off all these things and we start facing issues with government like income tax issues or other government related work. It also spoils our relation with our boses at work. They stop supporting us.


South East

South east is the zone of cash flow. If we have toilet here our payments will be stucked. it is not good at all for people into business where they get regular cash like grocery shops or other shops who receive multiple customers in a day. If we are into job where we receive fixed salary it may stuck your investment that you make once after doing savings for years.


South South East

This is the zone of confidence. If we have toilet here we do not get confidence to do things. it dispose off all the confidence. For children who are studying loose there confidence when they have to speak in front of teachers or others. For business man and job class they keep on thinking and do not get confidence to do it.


South Toilet

South is the zone of growth. it dispose off all the growth. after working for years. we feel that we are just managing for food and expenses however there is no growth in life.


South West Toilet

This is very bad placement fir toilet. we do not blessings of our pitra’s as it is a pitra zone. it creates unstability in life especially in relationship that may lead to divorse. if somebody is unmarried they do not matches. People who keep on facing regular problems back to back they have toilet in south west zone.


West South West

It is zone of savings and education. It dispose of all the savings and also it impacts education of children.



West toilet does not let your business come in your control. It dispose off all the profits from business or savings from job. every month you will expect profit and savings however it will not happen for any reason.


North North West

It spoils the attraction of your product in family. People loose interest in your product and also it spoils the matrimonial happiness of couple that may ends up with not having children.


North West

It spoils relation with banks. your face issues in taking loans and people whose CIBIL hits negative have toilet in this zone. There may be any reason for it. you do not get support from friends and family. clients do not answer your calls most of the times.

Expert Vastu Consultation for Toilet – Take Action Now!

Don’t let negative energies hold you back from achieving the life you deserve. Take a step towards prosperity and happiness by availing of our Toilet Vastu services at Helping Coaach. Our expert consultants will guide you through the process and provide personalized solutions to suit your needs.

We can help you discover the true potential of your home or workplace. Contact us today and begin your journey toward a brighter future!