9 Vastu Tips for Your New Dream Home

Vastu tips

Every person has a dream of purchasing a luxurious house. And beginning the process of setting up a new home is an opportunity to create a haven that resonates with positive energy and pleasant vibrations, rather than just moving physically. The ancient Indian science of Vastu Shastra becomes a compass that traverses the realm of interior design and home organisation. Homes that are made as per the Vastu Shastra principles are more prosperous and free from negative energies. This blog will shed light on how Vastu consultation helps to attract positivity and wealth in your living space.

Have a Quick Look on Vastu Shastra

Over 5000 years ago, the ancient Indian science of architecture and design known as Vastu Shastra was developed. It is predicated on the idea that people who live in homes (that adhere to Vastu principles) can generate positive energy and experience success and pleasure by using the laws of nature and the universe. Vastu Shastra for a new home can assist you in designing a space that is balanced, harmonic, and supportive of general well-being.

Additionally, millions of people around the world take the benefit of vastu remedies and become successful in getting rid of their problems. Vastu Shastra works on the layout and design of your house according to the four universal directions (East, West, North and South). The alignment of each area of your house has significant meaning in Vastu Shastra. These alignments help to eliminate negativities from your space and fill it with positivity.

Vastu Shastra: Is it Important?

Many people still consider Vastu Shastra as a myth whereas it is not true. It is an ancient system of architecture that comes into action to assist individuals in disposing of problems. Most importantly, Vastu Shastra enhances your spiritual curiosity so, take Vastu consultation from an ideal Vastu consultant. It is an art and science that promotes inner peace. In addition, it can promote harmonious interactions among all occupants of the house.

Moving further, Vastu for Homes emphasizes the building’s shape and orientation including rectangular, square, wheeled, and bar shapes. The routes are Northwest – Vayuvya, Southeast – Agneya, Northeast- Eesanya, and Southwest- Nyruthi. Apart from orientations and geometries, the planning of a structure’s design involves several principles such as furniture necessity, prospect, grouping, roominess, flexibility, economy, sanitation etc.

Top-rated Vastu Tricks for Your New Dream House

Vastu Shastra creates a link between the physical surroundings and overall well-being. Thus, purchasing real estate that complies with Vastu principles guarantees not just a physical structure but also a peaceful home that encourages good vibrations and quality of life. The following tips can guide you in the right direction for your new dream house:

1. House Orientation

According to the Vastu principles, the orientation of a house plays a crucial role, with a total of 32 directions considered. Among these, eight directions—E3 (East 3), E4 (East 4), S3 (South 3), S4 (South 4), N3 (North 3), N4 (North 4), W3 (West 3), and W4 (West 4)—are deemed particularly favourable. Each of these directions is believed to bring positive energy and auspicious influences into the living space. Houses aligned or facing these specific directions are thought to enhance prosperity, well-being, and overall positive vibrations. Incorporating Vastu principles related to these preferred directions during the planning and construction phases is believed to contribute to a harmonious and balanced living environment.

2. Living Room Layout

Vastu Shastra suggests making your living room in the northeast direction. These directions are considered as the zone of prosperity and wealth. Also, seating arrangements must be arranged in an order that you and your guests face either north or east while seated in Vastu homes. Unoriented Vastu houses often lead to unwanted relationship conflicts and a lack of money.

3. Design of Your Bedroom

The bedroom is the most lovable area of people. They love to spend most of their time in this area. Thus, Vastu Shastra says your master bedroom must be in the Southwest corner of your house. Additionally, your bed ought to be placed so that your face must confront the West or east direction while sleeping. Vastu Shastra recommends that you stop sleeping with your head facing North. It is considered a negative environment.

4. Vastu-Oriented Kitchen

In Vastu Shastra, the kitchen has a huge importance. As it relates to the fire elements, thus, you should avoid renovating your kitchen with black or grey marble. Thus, you should avoid such colour combinations in your kitchen.

5. Bathroom Placement

The bathroom is a significant area of the house. Thus, Vastu Shastra states that placing a bathroom or toilet in the East southeast (ESE), South South West (SSW), and West North West (WSW) corner of your house is perfect. Along with direction, making your bathroom and toilet airy & well-ventilated is important to feel calm and fresh. As an uncleaned or unhygienic bathroom or toilet is the favourite place of negativities. In addition, do not place or hang a mirror in this area. This will impact negatively.

Moving further, Vastu Shastra strongly denied making toilets in the northeast (NE) area of your house. If people do so, it will result in worse diseases like cancer, Heart issues and kidney problems. So, make sure to have a Vastu consultation from the best Vastu consultant before building a house.

6. Lighting Placement

As compared to artificial lights, Vastu Shastra gives more preference to natural light. Thus, your house must be fully airy and ventilated. Keeping proper sunlight under your staircase area not only scatters light in these dark places but also fills these spaces with exceptional positivity. Additionally, the southwest direction is ideal for placing heavy sofas and other furniture pieces. You can also decorate your house walls by hanging tree paintings and mountain pictures.

7. De-cluttering

Cleanliness is most important, especially in your living space. According to the Vastu principle keeping your home organised and tidy helps to get rid of negativities and conflicts. Thus, do not stack things in corners, as these corners are the favourite places of negative energy. In addition, make your space free, airy and well-organized. Do not use any heavy furniture and decor. It may stop good energy from staying in your living space.

8. Placement of Plants and Flowerpots

Plants or flowers have a significant space in Vastu Shastra. They are believed to be the best friends of the positive energy that brings positivity into your living space. North and East directions are the best areas to keep flower pots and plants. Do not place them in the West or south direction even by mistake. One more thing, you should consider is do not place Cactaceae (cactus or desert) plants in the home for decoration and other purposes.

9. Water Pumps or Fountains

Vastu Shastra says water pumps or fountains play an indispensable role in balancing the energy in your living space. Thus, the northeast corner of your house is perfect to place them. These directions represent the water elements. Also, avoid placing such water elements in the southwest corners of your house.

Lastly, if you are facing any difficulties in fulfilling your dream of making or purchasing a new home, consult Mr. Ashissh Kumaar, the best Vastu Shastra consultant.