The Perfect Placement for Your Home Temple According to Vastu

Home temple

Every house has a temple or puja room where we worship and offer our morning prayers with a pure & clean intent of being successful for the entire day. These are the most important areas of the house where you connect with God. Also, this room always fills with the positive energies that sync with your subconscious mind making you feel more blessed and complete at the moment. But have you ever thought about whether your holy place is located in the right direction of your house or not? If not, don’t worry. Stay connected with Mr Ashissh Kumaar, your reliable astro vastu consultant and get accurate information about the right placement of puja mandir in your house.

In this guide, you will learn the ideal location, direction, and other elements for your home temple according to the principles of Vastu Shastra for home. So, let’s explore with ‘Helping Coaach’! 

Where to Place Home Temple According to Vastu Shastra? 

Home temple is one of the most significant aspects especially in Indian Hindu homes. However, the presence of the holy place itself accentuates the aura of your home, it is necessary to pay attention towards its placement, the right colours, choosing the right puja unit layout, arranging the idols correctly etc.

According to the Vastu Shastra, the Northeast and West corners of your home are the perfect places to make a home temple. The northeast direction is also called as ‘Ishan corner’ and is associated with spirituality & divine blessings. Home temple placement in the Northeast & West corners invites a positive flow of energy into the space. 

Furthermore, it is believed that if you place your mandir in these directions, you will get more benefits from your prayers as the motive shall be fulfilled with positive energies. When you start your day by spending a couple of minutes in a positive direction with pure intent will be all the more advantageous.

Important Tips: Position Home Temple As Per the Vastu Shastra

No matter if you have a dedicated temple in your house or adjusting it in your small apartment, we have the following Vastu tips for your puja place: 

Consulting a Well-Reputed Vastu Consultant for Home

Considering Vastu principles is very important when designing a puja unit at your home. And without the perfect Vastu expert, the placement of the home temple is not completed! So, contacting the best Vastu Consultant for home temple is necessary if you are planning to place a temple in your new house or reconstruct your old home. They will provide you right and accurate information about an ideal direction for the mandir. 

Choose an Ideal Location for Your Home Holy Place

As Vastu works on the layout and design of your home. Thus, each area’s direction plays a significant role. According to the Vastu Shastra, your home temple must be in the Northeast & West corners of your home. These directions are believed to be the path of positive vibrations which help us convert our manifestation into reality. 

Pay Attention to Colour Schemes for Your Home Temple

Along with other factors, colours or paints also play a significant role in Vastu. Therefore, your home holy place must be painted in Yellow, Golden, or White colours. These are considered soothing and soft shades which help to attract positive energies, enhance the attributes of directions, and take you to a higher beneficial state. Besides this, the incorrect colour combinations in your mandir may affect the attributes of that direction. 

Idol Placement is also Important

When positioning idols in your home temple, make sure that they are not too large or big. Vastu Shastra suggests that small and proportionate idols are perfect for home temples as they are easy to maintain & manage. The idols should also be placed at a height where they are at your chest level or above when you are seated or standing, signifying respect and reverence. Additionally, do not place more than one idol or photograph of the same God in your mandir. One representation of each GOD is enough to worship.

Consider Facing While Doing Puja

According to Vastu, facing the East direction during puja makes you more focused towards growth; however, facing the West direction boosts gains & profits. If you are facing the North direction during worship, it aids in attracting opportunities and good luck. Besides this, do not pray by facing the South direction. It is not considered good. 

Benefits of Following Vastu for Home Temple

Following Vastu principles for your home temple can bring numerous advantages. So, check these benefits with Vastu specialist as follows:

Enhanced Positivity: Proper placement & design of the temple can enhance the flow of positive energy in your home.

Spiritual Growth: The right environment can facilitate spiritual growth and also deepen your connection with the divine.

Peace and Harmony: A well-placed temple can create a peaceful & harmonious environment, promoting mental and emotional well-being.

Prosperity and Good Luck: Adhering to Vastu guidelines can attract prosperity, good luck, and overall well-being for the household.

Important Indications: What to Avoid During Home Temple Placement

  • Avoid placing the home temple in the bedroom, Kitchen and near bathroom areas. These places are not aligned with the sanctity required for a temple. 
  • Do not face South and South-West directions during prayers. These are related to the earth element and can have heavy, grounded energy that is not conducive to spiritual practices. 
  • Avoid placing the home holy place in a fully closed room, it can interrupt the flow of natural light. It must be airy and ventilated to attract the positive energy flow. 
  • Do not position the home temple under a staircase. It can lead to negative energy accumulation.

In conclusion, the right placement of your home temple is vital to take into account. It is the most sacred place and Vastu Shastra principles ensure that you create a space filled with positive energy and divine blessings. The above-provided information can guide you towards the right placement of your home temple and enhance the spiritual atmosphere of your home. If you still have any doubts in your mind, feel free to join hands with the top-rated astro-vastu consultant, Mr Ashissh Kumaar at Helping Coaach. He will answer all your questions and offer suitable solutions.