Bedroom Bliss in Every Zone: Finding the Ideal Location According to Vastu

Bedroom Bliss in Every Zone: Finding the Ideal Location According to Vastu

A place that makes you forget all your worries and tensions for a moment is none other than the bedroom. It serves as the canvas for your subconscious mind which impacts the direction of your life. The location, paint colour, and the way you decorate bedroom interiors affect your overall well-being. Thus, creating a peaceful and positive atmosphere in your bedroom is vital for a happy & healthy life. 

To attract prosperity in your life, place your bedroom ideally as per the principles of Vastu for bedroom. So, let’s dive into the magical world of Vastu with Helping Coaach. And explore how its principles leave a lasting impression on your lives.

Vastu Shastra for Bedroom: Place Your Bedroom Ideally

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture that helps to balance your living space, shapes spaces with harmonious energies. A bedroom designed as per the Vastu principles uplifts spirits, improves functionality and aligns thoughts. These actions with peace, and success assist in creating a holistic living atmosphere that resonates positively with our subconscious mind.

When it comes to the right placement of the bedroom, it must be in the Southwest corner of the home. This direction is associated with stability, and strength, and promotes a sense of relationship security. Thus, the placement of the bedroom is believed to be ideal for optimal energy flow, restful sleep and good health. In addition to this, Do not position the bed directly opposite the bedroom door. Ensure that the bed doesn’t touch the walls on all sides, leaving space for energy to circulate freely. 

What to avoid?

Pay attention that the centre, northeast or southeast directions of your house are not good for bedrooms. These locations lead to unwanted conflicts and relationship issues. So, avoid to place bedroom in these places. For more information, opt for the bedroom vastu services from Mr. Ashissh Kumaar. 

Key Factors to Consider for the Ideal Placement of the Bedroom

Keep the following key indications in mind when choosing the right location for your bedroom: 

Location of the bedroom

As per the Vastu Shastra, the Southwest direction is the right for the bedroom to attract a prosperous family life. You will always feel energetic, healthy, and longevity of the family members.

Wall-Paint Color

Vastu Shastra always suggests using pleasant, light, and soothing colours on your bedroom walls. Light and soothing colours always represent love, calmness, & harmony which also bless your relationship. However, bright colours are not ideal for painting your bedroom walls, as they lead to unwanted stress & worries. 

Bedsheet colour combinations

Different colours or combinations play a significant role in Vastu Shastra for the bedroom. Therefore, do not use dark-coloured bedsheets (such as black, blue etc). to cover your bed. Instead of these colours, you can spread yellow, white, sky blue, baby pink, or peach-coloured bedsheets on your bed. These will help to attract positivity & abundance.

Dressing table placement

Do not place the dressing table with a mirror in a parallel direction to your bedroom. It can leads to the reason behind unwanted conflicts in relationships. For more precise information, contact the best Vastu consultant. 

Sleeping positions

Vastu Shastra recommends that during your sleeping hours, your position must be the right one. Your head must tend toward the south or east direction along with legs toward the west or north directions. 

Picture Placement of deceased familymembers

The wrong placement of your ancestor’s picture can attract negative energy. This leads to misfortune in your bedroom that may affect your progress in life. Thus, always hang pictures of your deceased family members on the Southwest wall of your house. 

Restricted showpiece

Many people keep unusual things or items in their bedroom for decoration purposes. But have you ever thought about how these things affect your daily life? Strange sculptures such as graveyards, dangerous animals, and haunted place paintings bring negative energies into your sleeping space. Therefore, do not collect these types of things in your bedroom. 

Benefits of the Vastu-oriented Bedroom

A Vastu-oriented bedroom is designed to optimise the flow of positive energy and positive environment for relaxation & rejuvenation. Include the following benefits in your bedroom design:

Better Sleep Quality

A Vastu-complaint bedroom helps ensure that the bed is placed in the right direction. It will promote restful sleep with relaxation. The best Vastu expert suggests to position the bed with the head towards the south or east direction, is considered auspicious. After all, it aligns with the Earth’s magnetic field and also facilitates better sleep patterns.

Increases Possibilities of Success and Prosperity

Individuals can attract positive energy and opportunities for success simply by aligning the bedroom layout as per the Vastu principles. Adding symbolic elements such as images of prosperity etc. into the bedroom design can work best to amplify positive vibrations. 

Enhanced Harmony and Relationships

The arrangement of furniture and décor items by Vastu principles fosters harmony and understanding among couples. For instance, placing pairs of objects such as bedside tables, lamps, or artwork can symbolise unity and strengthen relationships.

Reduces Stress

Bedrooms designed as per the Vastu Shastra principles minimise stress also promote relaxation to a great level. Soft colours, and natural materials, along with soothing décor, contribute to a calm and positive atmosphere. Occupants can best unwind and recharge after a long day.

Increased Energy Levels

A clutter-free and well-organised bedroom, as recommended by Vastu, promotes the flow of energy or ‘chi.’ The best Vastu consultant recommends to remove unnecessary items from your bedroom. As it ensures adequate space for movement and allows positive energy to circulate freely, leading to increased vitality and well-being.

Support for Health and Healing

Vastu principles work best for the use of natural materials also elements such as wood, cotton, and plants. After all, these create a nurturing environment that supports both health and healing. Proper ventilation, adequate sunlight, and the absence of sharp corners or obstructions further contribute to a healthy living space.

Last but not least, designing your bedroom as per the Vastu principles can significantly enhance your well-being. Placing the bedroom in the Southwest corner and using light & soothing colours promotes positivity, thus creating a positive environment. By keeping all the above-mentioned things in mind, you can create a peaceful and prosperous living space . It supports your relationships, health, and overall happiness.

To enhance the energies of your bedroom space, get in touch with Mr Ashissh Kumaar at Helping Coaach. He will share important tips that can allow you to choose ideal décor pieces & colours for your bedroom.