Optimising Kitchen and Toilet Placement According to Vastu Shastra

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Have you ever thought that the alignment or layout of each area of your house greatly impacts your life? However, what if I told you that there was a strong system that enabled you to solve every issue you had—personal or professional? How do you feel? Have you been happy? Yes, of course! So prepare to learn about this methodology, which is the actual science of Vastu Shastra. If you wish to stay ahead of the curve in today’s complex world, you must pay attention to every area of your home, particularly the kitchen and toilet. The wrong placement of these places leads to numerous health issues and mental suffering & losses. Thus, opt for the Vastu services for kitchen & toilet which can guide you towards the right placement of these areas within your home. 

Let’s explore which direction is right to place the kitchen and toilet as per the Vastu Shastra with ‘Helping Coaach’! 

Understanding the Importance of Vastu Shastra for Home

Vastu shastra typically means the science of architecture and combines the five essential elements of nature. These elements are air, earth, fire, water, and space, super important to create a living space with good harmony and peace. It emphasises the importance of directional alignments, the layout of rooms, and the orientation of structures. By aligning your home according to these principles, you can enhance the flow of positive energy (prana) and minimize negative influences.

The Importance of Kitchen and Toilet Placement as Per Vastu

Like all other areas of the home, the kitchen and toilet are also significant corners in your house. So, having these places in the right direction as per the Vastu is most imperative as follows:

Kitchen Placement as Per Vastu

The kitchen is a crucial area of any living space where food, a primary source of energy and sustenance, is cooked. As the kitchen belongs to the fire elements, thus, it has a unique importance in Vastu Shastra. According to the best Vastu consultant, the placement of the kitchen can significantly impact the health and well-being of the household members. 

Therefore, your kitchen must be in the Southeast (Agni Kon) corner of your home. It aligns with the natural energy of fire (Agni), promoting better digestion and health. If you are unable to position your kitchen in the Southeast corner, you can go for the Northwest (Vayu Kon). 

Kitchen Orientation Tips

Consider the following tips:

Kitchen Layout: Make sure to place your gas or stove in the southeast corner of the kitchen. The sink, representing water, should ideally be in the northeast direction, as far from the stove as possible to balance the fire & water elements.

Cooking Direction: When cooking, your face must towards the east. This orientation helps to improve digestion plus enhance positive energy within your space. Alternatively, facing north while cooking is also acceptable.

Some Additional Tips: Check the following tips: 

Storage: Keep heavy storage units, like cupboards, along the southern or western walls. This placement helps in maintaining balance & stability.

Colours: Paint your kitchen walls in light and soothing colours including lemon, green, yellow, or orange. Do not use dark colours like deep blue & black.

Windows and Exhausts: Proper ventilation is imperative thus, place windows in the east or north direction and install an exhaust fan or chimney in the east to expel negative energy.

Toilet Placement as Per Vastu Shastra

As per the Vastu Shastra, toilets tend to become a major source of negative energy within your living space. Therefore, to avoid the flow of these negative energies, the right placement of your toilet is crucial. The best Vastu expert recommends positioning toilets in the Northwest or Southeast corners of the house to get rid of health & financial issues. These directions are conducive to the flow of positive energy.

Pay Attention!

Do not place toilets in the Northeast corner, as this area is considered sacred and should be kept free from any form of waste or drainage.

Vastu Shastra provides guidelines to mitigate these negative influences and ensure a harmonious living space.

Toilet Orientation Tips

Pay attention to the below-mentioned tips: 

Commode Position

Make sure the toilet seat faces either the South or North directions. This alignment is believed to align with the Earth’s magnetic field & promote a sense of balance plus the overall well-being of inhabitants. Avoid positioning the toilet seat to face west or east, as this may disrupt the flow of energy within your living space.

Toilet Layout

As per the best Vastu consultant for the toilet, make sure the toilet is not adjacent to or above places like a bedroom, kitchen, prayer room etc. This placement can disrupt the positive energy flow in these significant areas.

Additional Factors

Check the following: 

Drainage: Ensure proper drainage to prevent stagnation of waste, which can lead to negative energy accumulation.

Paint Colours: Use light and soothing colours to paint toilet walls. Colours like light blue, white, or pastel shades are perfect. Do not use dark & harsh paint colours.

Proper Ventilation: Maintaining proper ventilation is important to maintain the energy flow. Thus, there must be windows or exhaust fans in the North, East, or Northwest directions to permit the outflow of stale air.

Modern Adaptations of Vastu Shastra

In modern living spaces, strict adherence to Vastu Shastra principles can sometimes be challenging due to space constraints plus architectural designs. However, there are ways to adapt these ancient guidelines to contemporary living as below: 

Use of Mirrors: Mirrors can be strategically placed to deflect negative energy & enhance positive energy. For instance, placing a mirror on the Northern wall of the kitchen can help amplify the energy flow.

Lighting: Proper lighting, especially natural light, can significantly boost the positive energy in both the kitchen and toilet. Ensure these areas are well-lit & use soft, warm lights.

Indoor Plants: Adding indoor plants in the kitchen and toilet can enhance the natural energy. According to Vastu Shastra, you can keep mint, basil, and aloe vera plants are exceptional choices.

Finally, optimising the placement of your kitchen and toilet as per the principles of Vastu Shastra can significantly boost the overall energy flow of your living space, prosperity, promoting health, and well-being. By paying attention to all the above-provided information, you can create a harmonious living environment that aligns with natural forces.
To resolve your further queries about the ideal placement of the kitchen and toilet within your home, get in touch with Mr. Ashissh Kumaar, a famous Vastu consultant to guide you towards the journey of balance and harmony.