Vastu Tips for Placing Your Study Table for Optimal Learning

Vastu for study table

Education is very important for children to survive in today’s competitive world. However, kids prefer to spend most of their time playing video games, and recreational activities instead of paying attention to their studies. When parents ask them to study, they start making excuses. It is becoming a serious matter for their parents but you do not need to bother till Vastu is with you. Very few people may know that it helps polish your kids’ academic skills and assists them to become brilliant students in the class. As it is a scientific & practical system that allows individuals to overcome their daily life challenges. To influence students towards their studies, theHelping Coaach comes in front with effective principles of Vastu which helps to enhance your kid’s interest in academics. 

How Vastu can help to enhance kids’ study focus? 

We know today’s children are more likely to play video games on their mobile phones than do studies. Playing and studying both are important for kids. Thus, children must maintain an equal balance in academics & sports. If they do not do it, you can contact the Vastu consultant who can offer effective solutions parallel to your worries. By following simple Vastu tips for study, your children can start carrying the required concentration & focus on their studies.

Here many people may think that they need to demolition or reconstruct their house etc. There is nothing like that happened. Vastu for study table allows us to get good results without any demolition and just making the required changes in the interior placement such as colour, furniture relocation and remedies. The right placement of colour schemes in the study room, the location of the study table & books etc. can help to incline your children towards their studies as per their age group.

Importance of Vastu Principles for Study Room

As Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture and works with the layout and design of each area of your house to align perfectly with the directions and natural elements including air, earth, fire, space and water. Thus, this system can play a significant role in your kid’s education. A Vastu-oriented house can assist your children in maintaining a balance between studies & play, which is vital for the overall growth of kids. Moving further, along with studies, parents must understand that playing games is equally significant for their child to stay fit as a fiddle. 

The best Vastu consultant says that the direction and placement of the study room, and colour schemes in children’s rooms can have a profound impact on the concentration & focus of the kids. Therefore, the children’s study room must be planned or constructed as per the Vastu Shastra.

Effective Tips: Choose an Ideal Position for Study Table for Optimal Learning

Check the following factors to build your kids’ interest in their academics:

The Right Placement of Study Room

Before placing the study table, the position of your kid’s study room also must be according to the study room Vastu principles. A Vastu-complaint study room has a huge impact on your child’s academic progress. Therefore, the study room must be placed in the Northeast area of your house as it is auspicious not only for learning but also for stimulating the concentration power of your kids. This placement allows your students to pay more attention towards their academics and add their names to the brilliant students list in their class.   

What to Avoid:

  • Never place the door of your study room in the Southeast, Southwest and Northwest directions.
  • Also, do not sit in front of blank or window walls while studying, as these may lead to blank mind and thought blockage.

Study Table Placement as Per Vastu

The West and South West are the best study table directions as per Vastu within your study room (placed in the  Northeast corner of your house). Children who are studying by sitting in these directions can be more concentrative, focused and intelligent. Also, learners can perform better in their studies including house tests & final examinations. 

What to Avoid:

  • You must not place your study table in the South of Southwest, East of Southeast or West of Northwest directions. 
  • Directions like North of Northwest, East of Northeast, and South zones are also unfavourable for study desk placement. 

Place Your Books & Study Material According to Vastu 

Make sure to place your books and other study materials in the West of Southwest direction. This placement makes sure that children are more focused towards their academics and able to easily memorise their syllabus. In addition, the Northeast corner of your study room is also favourable for positing library and other study materials. As per Vastu experts, this direction is associated with the kids’ brains which helps them to enhance their learning and memorising skills.   

What to Avoid:

  • Avoid placing books and other study materials in low or negative-energy directions.
  • Do not sit under the beam along with your books.

Some Additional Tips: To Enhance Your Kids’ Learning Power

Pay attention to the following:

Choose Vastu-Oriented Colours for Study Room

The effective principles of Vastu for study always recommend painting your study room walls in soothing and light colours as these are the best friends of positive and good energies. Therefore, choose light colours including white, off-white, cream, light yellow, beige and grey extra to paint the study room. These calm colours encourage concentration power and allow your kids to study hard and get good marks in their exams. Also, do not paint your studying area in bright and dark colours such as red, black, blue etc. 

Vastu Tips for Entrance Exams

Vastu is no less than a boon for pupils who are aspiring to achieve success in their academics plus careers. You must know that Vastu cannot substitute your kids’ hard work or efforts put into their studies, but it can help them get the upper edge by making the path more smooth & easier for you. As competitive exams are tough these days and many students do not get the desired results despite doing a lot of hard work. For such pupils, Vastu consultants can suggest effective remedies that can help them memorise the syllabus and improve their grasping & learning abilities. This gives them the required motivation thereby stimulating their chances of passing the examination.

Keep the Study Room Organised

It is not a hidden fact that dirty and scattered places are the favourite locations of negative energies. Therefore, it is recommended to make your study room and table clean and well-organised. Every small to big thing must be placed ideally as per the recommendation of Vastu experts. This tends to your child more towards their studies. 

Well-ventilated, Airy & Proper Lighting 

An airy and fully ventilated study room is helpful to enhance the positive energy flow within your study area and can help to keep you alert and focused. Proper lighting in the room can help you to concentrate on your studies even in late nights. Besides this, there must be a window in your study room for natural light. As natural light inspires you to concentrate on your studies. 

Overall, educating children is most important for their economic, cognitive and social development, especially in today’s competitive world. If your children also utilise most of their time playing rather than studying, you must keep all the above-mentioned Vastu tips for study in mind. By following these tips, your child will start paying attention to their academics and achieve good marks in their exams. 

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