Guidelines for Water Boring According to Vastu Shastra

vastu for water boring

Water is a precious element on the Earth. Without it, life is impossible. If you know, about 71% area of the Earth’s surface belongs to water. In Vastu Shastra, water has profound importance as it comes to the five natural elements, known as Panchtatvas. This sacred tradition recognises water not only for its life-sustaining properties but also for its deep impact on your overall well-being and living spaces. Ideal placement of water boring elements within your space can create a more harmonious and balanced environment, tapping into the timeless wisdom that has guided civilisations for centuries. So, stay connected with the best Vastu consultant at ‘Helping Coaach to know the importance of water as per Vastu. 

In this blog, we will discuss the ideal location of the water borewell and how it can help to enhance your overall well-being. So, stay on it! 

Reveal the Hidden Connection Between Water & Vastu Principles

Water is the emblem of wealth and abundance as per Vastu. As one of the prime five natural elements (Panchtatvas) of Vastu Shastra, water has a deep connection with Vastu principles. It is the symbol of vitality, rejuvenation, and purification which encompasses the essence of life itself. A strong relationship between Vastu and water helps people to attract harmonising energies into their living spaces and cultivate a prosperous atmosphere.

Furthermore, the presence of water in your house is not just limited to its utilitarian aspect but also represents the energy flow and promotes a dynamic equilibrium within the space. Along with this, it pays attention towards the strategic placement of water sources including tube wells, fountains, tankers, wells and other water bodies. The famous Vastu experts state that the ideal positioning of these water elements as per the Vastu principles optimises positive influences and welcomes abundance, happiness, prosperity and serenity into your lives.

Let’s Understand Water Boring Or Borewell

A water bore well or boring is a process to access groundwater. Before tanks and other modern water-storing methods, borewells and tube wells were the primary methods of water supplies. To get water from under-earth, people use a drilling machine along with specialised equipment to reach underground water reserves and create holes in the Earth. A borewell is a long, narrow pipe that experts insert into the hole with a pump to bring water to the Earth’s surface. Still, this method is utilised in dry regions for agricultural purposes.

Moving further, water is considered as an important element of Panchtatvas. It is also regarded as an elixir of life due to its profound connection with Vastu principles. Therefore, to stay healthy and wealthy, the right placement of water bodies is necessary within your space including commercial, residential and industrial.

Vastu Tips: Place Water Bore Well Ideally

If you are planning to water bore well or bore drilling within your space, the following Vastu guidelines can guide you in the right direction. So, explore them:

Select an Ideal Direction for water-boring

According to Vastu experts, water represents wealth and abundance. Thus, to live a happy and prosperous life, the right placement of the bore well is significant. So, check the following tips to position your water bore well ideally:

  • Northeast (Ishan) Corner: The northeast direction of your space is the most auspicious location for water bore wells. This direction has a unique relation with water which helps to fascinate positive energies, healthy life and prosperity within your space. Once you plan your borewell in these corners, you will attain a steady flow of happiness and wealth.
  • East & North: If you are unable to place the water bore well in the Northeast direction, you do not need to bother. The North & East corners of your home are also favourable for bore well placement. 

Maintain Distance from the Main Building

Check the following points: 

  • Maintain Distance: According to Vastu, there must be a required distance between the water bore well and the main building of your living space. This prevents any structural damage plus ensures the stability of the building.
  • Avoid Close Proximity: There must be at least a 15-20 feet distance between the compound wall or boundary. This helps to prevent any negative effects on the overall energy of your property.

Consider the Shape & Design of the Borewell

Keep the below-mentioned key points in mind while deciding the shape and design of the water bore well:

Circular Shape: The best Vastu expert recommends that a round or circular shape is perfect for the borewell. It permits a smooth energy flow within your space and promotes the overall well-being of residents. If you prefer any other shape, it may disrupt the harmony of your space.

Proper Cover: It is important to cover the borewell immediately to avoid any accidents. You might heard about several cases, where kids had fallen into these water bore wells and lost their lives. So, keep them covered. 

Perform Rituals Before Installing a Bore Well

In Hindu religions, before installing something new, people believe in performing some rituals for effective outcomes in the future. Before installing the water boring system, perform the following steps:

  • Auspicious Time: In Vastu Shastra for water boring, the time, date and day play an indispensable role. So, consulting with a Vastu consultant is important to decide the day and time of bore well installation. So, begin your water-boring process at the provided time & date for successful installation.
  • Perform Rituals: Do the required rituals and prayers that your Vastu expert recommends perform. Do prayers before commencing the water boring to bring blessings and positive energy. It is believed that these rituals & prayers can appease the natural elements to attract prosperous outcomes.

Maintenance and Cleanliness

Maintenance and cleanliness are of deep importance in Vastu Shastra. As clean and organised spaces are the favourite areas of positive energies. Thus, you must keep your bore well area clean and organised as the following:

  • Persistent Maintenance: The regular cleaning of your water boring system not only ensures proper functioning but also attracts positivity to enhance the overall well-being of your space. It also prevents water contamination. 

Avoid Waste Accumulation: Keep the area around the water boring clean so that there is no waste accumulation that interrupts the flow of energy. It aids in facilitating abundance in your living space. 

Overall, water has an extensive connection with Vastu principles. So, it is significant to place your water boring system in the Vastu-complaint direction. The right placement of water bodies can help to attract abundance, harmony, wealth, prosperity and overall well-being of family members. The above-provided information will help you pick the best location to install a bore well within your space. 

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