Clockwise vs Anticlockwise: Does Staircase Direction Matter According to Vastu?

Clockwise vs Anticlockwise

Have you ever wondered if the direction of your staircase could influence your home’s energy? Staircases are not just limited to moving up & down. These are the most important areas of your house that can attract positives in your house if placed ideally. Whether you place it clockwise or anticlockwise, each direction is believed to affect the way energy moves through your space, potentially impacting the well-being plus harmony of its occupants. Positioning your staircase Clockwise vs Anticlockwise as per the Vastu principles not only assists in creating a balanced living atmosphere but also aligns the architectural design of your living space with natural energies.

So, join hands with the best Vastu consultant at ‘Helping Coaach’ and find an ideal location to place your staircase. Let’s do it together! 

Understanding Vastu Shastra for Staircase Directions

As we know Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture and works by aligning the layout and design of your residential, & commercial spaces with the five natural elements and directions. It emphasises the importance of energy flow (prana) within a structure. Along with other areas of your house, the staircase also plays an indispensable role in attracting the positive energy flow within your space. 

There is no doubt that staircases facilitate movement between different levels of a building. The direction in which your staircase spirals can either enhance or disrupt the natural flow of energy within the space as per the Vastu Shastra. 

Clockwise vs. Anticlockwise: Which is Ideal for Staircase Placement  

Let’s explore which is the right way to place the staircase in your living spaces Clockwise vs Anticlockwise as per Vastu for staircase:  

Clockwise Staircases

Vastu has existed since the times of the Vedic period. The best Vastu consultant appeals to place your staircase in a clockwise direction. This placement is believed to inspire upward movement and the flow of positivity. This relates to the natural flow of the universe and aids in attracting prosperity plus opportunities in your life.

Additionally, many reputed Vastu practitioners recommend that a clockwise staircase can boost harmony & balance within your living space and support the overall well-being of its residents.

Anticlockwise placement of Staircases

When you pronounce anti-clockwise, it seems negative. It is believed by many Vastu experts that an anticlockwise staircase can disrupt the natural energy flow within your space. Many represent it with downward movement which may potentially lead to a loss of energy or opportunities.

Although opinions vary, proponents of Vastu philosophy typically advise against anticlockwise staircases because they believe they disrupt the flow of energy.

Key Factors to Pay Attention While Placing the Staircase

Keep the following factors in mind while choosing an ideal location to position your staircase: 

Choose the best Location

The orientation of the staircase matters a lot. Therefore, it must be placed ideally. According to Vastu Shastra, the Southwest to the West or west-to-northwest part of your space is the best location to land the staircase. These corners of your space are considered stable & strong enough to channel the energy flow of stairs. According to the best Vastu consultant, this placement brings positive vibes and fortune to the people using the staircase.

What to Avoid

  • Do not place the staircase in the central area of your house.
  • Avoid positioning the staircase in the Northeast direction as it can disrupt the energy balance.

Consider Structure and Design

The design and structural aspects of the staircase also play an indispensable role in the overall growth of your living spaces: 

  • Odd Number of Steps: While constructing no. of steps of your staircase, it must have 9, 11 or 15 etc. These constructions often help to attract luck and positivity. 
  • Open Risers: There must not be open risers (the vertical space between steps) between staircase steps. According to Vastu principles, these can lead to energy leakage. Solid steps often assist in maintaining a persistent energy flow.
  • Spiral Staircases: Most people prefer spiral staircases as they require less space as compared to slant staircases. According to Vastu for the staircase, the spiral staircases must be circled in a clockwise direction.

What to Avoid

  • Anti-clockwise often results in negative energies and also affects the health plus prosperity of the occupants.

Materials and Elements for Staircases

We can not deny the fact that these days, people prefer modern materials such as metals, concrete, and aluminium for home decorations. However, Vastu Shastra always suggests the use of natural materials including wood, stone, marble etc. These natural materials easily align with the natural forces around us and fill our surrounding space with a sense of vitality. The material that you utilise in the construction of your staircase can either amplify or dampen the energy flow within your space. Therefore, picking elements (for the stairs) that sync harmoniously with Vastu principles is significant. 

What to Avoid

  • Avoid using contemporary materials for your staircase formation

Staircase Railings and Banisters

Many people use different types of railings and banisters to decorate their stairs. According to Vastu Shastra, these railings are not just limited to decoration, they can guide the flow of energy within your space. Thus, the best Vastu expert recommends that along with elegance, these boundaries help to create a smooth visual connection between floors. By creating the required balance between beauty & function, banisters and railings can assist energy move smoothly through the building, much like a melody flows through the air.

Maintenance and Cleanliness

We all know that scattered and dirty places are the most preferred areas of negative energies. Therefore, to avoid such bad energies, Vastu principles recommend maintaining a clean & well-kept staircase to attract the positive energy flow within your space. Along with this, if there is any breakage or damage to your stairs including loose railings, broken steps etc. try to repair them as soon as possible. Any carelessness can not only lead to accidents but also welcome negative energies into your living space. 

What to Avoid

  • Do not place clutter and unnecessary items on your stairs
  • Avoid choosing dark colour mats or rugs for your staircase. 

Additional Vastu Tips

Check some additional tips that can help with your staircase: 

  • Do not place the toilet or bathroom under the staircase.
  • Avoid placing heavy decor pieces or storage items on your staircase 
  • Make sure your staircase area has proper lighting and ventilation.
  • To enhance the look of your staircase area, you can place simple plants such as the Chinese Money plant. 

Overall, the right placement of your staircase is important to maintain the positive energy flow within your space. It helps to bring harmony and abundance within your space. If you require more precise information about the pavement of the staircase within your home, contact Mr Ashissh Kumaar at ‘Helping Coaach’. He will answer all your queries and suggest the best solution that suits your needs. 

So, create a staircase that not only serves its practical purpose but also enhances the overall well-being plus happiness of the residents.